FEELWORLD FW278S 7″ 1200nits 3G-SDI 4K 1920×1200 Monitor

The Feelworld FW278S equips filmmakers with the benefits of a large on-camera display without making the camera set up feel cumbersome.  The Feelworld FW278S is packed with high end monitoring features in a small, lightweight package that can be connected to virtually any camera.


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Feelworld FW278S

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Professional Image Analysis Tools

The intuitive interface of Feelworld FW278S boasts a set of professional image analysis tools, including histogram, focus assist, embedded audio, false colors, zebra exposure, ratio marker, anamorphic mode, zoom, etc.

Feelworld FW278S

FW278S 13

Combines Reliability with Useability

The Feelworld FW278S equips filmmakers with the benefits of a large on-camera display without making the camera set up feel cumbersome. FEELWORLD FW278S is packed with high end monitoring features in a small, lightweight package that can be connected to virtually any camera.

The front features a large high resolution, daylight viewable LCD, there are video connections on the bottom, and space for two NP-F batteries on the back. The outer frame features standard ¼” mount points on the bottom, left, right and middle back for attaching it to cameras and rigs. This design detail makes the Feelworld FW278S easy to attach to a camera and easy to share with a team member or client on set.

FW278S 14

More Resolution, Less Reflection

The Feelworld FW278S enables clear and precise field monitoring and image analysis during daytime shoots. It displays your stills and monitoring content at superior color fidelity and 1920 x 1200 maximum resolution on a 7-inch display.

The panel is made of optically bonded glass with an anti-reflective coating, which allows comfortable daytime field monitoring. But what really sets it apart is its light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting, which outputs a brightness of 1200 nits and displays a 1200:1 contrast ratio and sRGB / Rec.709 Color Gamut, resulting in exceptional screen clarity even in intense lighting conditions.

With the monitor displaying your content at 323 pixels per inch (PPI), you can shoot in broad daylight with confidence and refine your content on the spot. The wide 160º viewing angle makes it easy for multiple members of the crew to watch it at the same time.

FW278S 15

FW278S 16

Enjoy Crisp & Vivid Daytime Viewing at 323 PPI

Shooting in extremely bright conditions can be a challenge. Some photographers would avoid full sun and wait it out until the sun provides the right lighting. But with the FW278S, you can continue shooting during the golden hour with full control of your output.

Unlike conventional monitors, the Feelworld FW278S offers exceptional daytime viewing without the need for a sun hood. There are two cutting-edge technologies that make this possible. One is the LED backlighting that generates 1200 nits of brightness and the other is the anti-glare LCD screen with a 1200:1 contrast ratio. The monitor lets you determine the proper settings to use and record the most color information possible, you’ll always end up with crisp and vivid results.

FW278S 17

Light Sensor for Auto Dimming

The Feelworld FW278S has an ambient light sensor that detects ambient light levels and automatically adjusts the screen brightness. It ensures that the screen is readable in different environments and always protects your eye. Increasing the screen brightness compensates for bright sunlight when used outdoors, while a dimmer screen is more comfortable on the eyes when viewing in the dark.

FW278S 18

True Color · Professional Color Calibration

Use Rec.709 color standard

FEELWORLD uses the professional Rec.709 HD color standard, and uses the color calibration technology, with the professional instrument calibration at the factory, it can achieve monitor calibration efficiently and get accurate color reproduction easily, do not distort the color, show the real image when you shooting video.

FW278S 19

Accurate Color Reproduction

FEELWORLD monitor support ITU standards and HD video Rec.709 standard consistent color space, advanced image processing technology, so that the image clearly presented, the color is extremely natural, to ensure accurate color reproduction, to reproduce the physical nature of shooting, enabling users to accurately evaluate the quality of various input video signals.

FW278S 20

FW278S 21

Intuitive Controls and Menus

The menu controls are intuitive and easy to use. Two different feature buttons are programmable to the various features that you use the most. Maybe you could set one of the shortcut keys to the image flip function so that the screen can be flipped over quickly when shooting upside down.

FW278S 22

Connect to Professional Cameras, Camcorders and DSLR’s

With both 3G-SDI and 4K HDMI inputs you can connect it to any consumer camera, broadcast camera or even DSLR cameras. You also get loop thru outputs, so you can display live video or expand display on external screens or projectors with embedded audio. You can also monitor audio using the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. For power, there’s a 12V DC input and two NP-F battery slots.

FW278S 23

FW278S 24

3G-SDI and 4K HDMI Loop-out

The Feelworld FW278S has 3G-SDI, 4K HDMI in and loop-out, allowing it to not only display live signals, but also send them out to other monitors simultaneously. It’s the ability to display live picture on multiple displays at once while still maintaining the original video quality.

Connect to Wireless Transmitter

Transmission to film crew director monitoring at the same time. Without the cable more flexible to transition between scenes effortlessly for outdoor shooting.

FW278S 25

Connect to Director Monitor

Display live picture on multiple displays simultaneously.

FW278S 26

Power Your Camera for Longer Run Times

The Feelworld FW278S is an ideal camera-top monitor for DSLR and mirrorless camera shooters. Because the FW278S provides auxiliary power out; allowing shooters to power their cameras. With a battery adapter cable (Optional), the FW278S extends camera run-time, while providing a more usable display.

FW278S 27

Convenient Mounting – Tilt Arm

Every FW278S monitor will ship with a cold shoe mounted Tilt Arm. Shooters will have a secure way to position their monitor while maintaining a low profile.
• Allows the FW278S monitor to rotate 360 degrees for viewing convenience
• Secure and lightweight mounting via shoe mount or 1/4″-20 thread
• Includes a shoe mount of its own for accessories like a microphone, LED light, or wireless receiver, etc.

FW278S 28

Attach to Cameras, Equipment Carts or Hang It Anywhere

The standard sized mounting points make it easy to mount and are compatible with third party rigging equipment. There are 4 mounting points located on the bottom, left, right and middle back. Using the bottom 1⁄4 inch hole, you can securely attach it to the top of your camera as the ultimate viewfinder! The 1⁄4-inch holes on the left and right sides can be mounted on other equipment with magic arm, bracket, etc., for the entire crew to monitor the screen.

FW278S 29

Innovative Power Supply Design

The new design also features upgraded batteries and supports two standard Sony L Series batteries. You get 2 rear battery slots for mounting Sony L Series batteries, so you have enough power for the brighter screens. Plus with 2 battery slots, you can change batteries without interrupting monitoring! A 12v universal power supply is included for studio or on location use.

● Compatible Sony Battery: F970 F960 F950 F930 F770 F750 F730 F570 F550 F530 QM91D QM91 QM90D QM90 QM71D QM71 QM70D QM70 QM51D QM51 FM71 FM70 series. FW278S 30

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